Sunday, April 29, 2018

Outlaw 3-Gun Match 04/29/2018

My performance was a little better at this Outlaw 3-Gun match (placed 4th out of 10 overall), but I am finding it difficult to hit small steel targets with my rifle at distances past 75 yards off hand.  It is simply a skill limitation that I am having difficulty overcoming, so I'm going to go down on one knee to stabilize myself for those longer shots going forward. I went down to one knee on the beginning of the second stage and wasted much less time and ammo engaging the long distance targets than I would have if I had just stayed standing up. That second stage also had three shooting positions that were very far apart and made for a long run each time. I am happy that my shotgun ran good though!  My next 3-Gun match will be at a smaller venue, so there won't be any long distance shots.

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