Monday, May 21, 2018

CZ-USA CZ P-07 with Trijicon RMR

As I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to install a Trijicon RMR on my favorite and most frequently carried handgun, the CZ-USA CZ P-07.  I've completely embraced the use of red dot sights on handguns, and I feel like the Trijicon RMR is the best optic choice for every day carry due to it's renown durability and improved reliability with the newer Type 2 version.  I've got a Burris Fastfire 3 installed on my Ubran Gray P-07, but I don't carry that gun as often as this one due to the extended threaded barrel and longer weapon mounted light which makes it a little uncomfortable when carried in the appendix position.  I sent the slide that originally came with the Urban Gray off to Jagerwerks to have it milled for the RMR and a Glock rear sight dovetail behind the optic.  I'm using the factory suppressor ready 0.355" tall front sight that came with the Urban Gray along with a Dawson Precision 0.395" tall Glock MOS tritium rear sight, which is the same height as the factory suppressor ready rear sight.  This gives me a great co-witness without blocking too much of the RMR's small viewing window.

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