Monday, August 15, 2022

Update for my Tungsten CZ P-07

This particular CZ P-07 was my first CZ as well as my first dedicated concealed carry handgun. It was also the first gun I've ever stippled, so there is a lot of sentimental value with this gun for me. It's gone through a lot of changes with different weapon mounted lights and the slide has been refinished several times in different colors of Cerakote. Now that I am doing stippling and Cerakote refinishing "professionally" at RFV Tactical, I decided to give this P-07 a makeover!  I really like two-tone guns, but I prefer that the frame of the gun is a lighter shade than the slide and controls, so this P-07 was the only one that is in a "reverse" two-tone color scheme.  I wanted to keep it the Tungsten color, so I refinished the frame in Tungsten, refinished the slide in Graphite Black, and retextured the grip with matching texture on the index pads on the sides of the frame and on the front of the trigger guard.  It came out absolutely awesome, and I just wanted to share.

Before photos

After photos

Saturday, August 13, 2022

IDPA Action Pistol Match - 08/13/2022

IDPA action pistol match at a private range in Canyon, TX. Small turn out, but still a lot of fun and some great stages.  I'm really happy that IDPA changed their rules to allow for appendix carry with weapon lights, since that's the way I prefer to carry and compete.  I was using my Sig Sauer P320 XCarry that I recently Cerakoted in Burnt Bronze (I had previously textured it) over at RFV Tactical, so I've been carrying it and dry-fire practicing with it for about a week.  I really like the Sig P320 XCarry and XCompact, but I don't shoot them as well as I shoot my CZ and 2011 handguns, especially at longer distances.  There is just something a little weird with them for me, so I am trying to spend more time with them. My performance was decent, as I didn't have any brain farts (yay!), and after reviewing the video it appears I was pulling off my tactical reloads (retaining the spent magazine) really well. Even though those types of reloads are really only applicable to IDPA matches, I practice them all the time in my daily dry-fire practice sessions. I ended up in 2nd place out of 7 overall.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Outlaw Action Pistol Match 07/23/2022

Outlaw action pistol match at Amarillo Rifle and Pistol club (USPSA rules and IDPA scoring). Not the greatest performance from me, as I was hot, tired, and ready to go home by the 4th stage.  Had a brain fart on the 4th stage and forgot to do a mag change when advancing to the next shooting position, which resulted in a flat-footed reload. The last two stages were hoser stages, and due to my heat exhaustion I shot them as fast as I could without any real regard to accuracy.  They were definitely fast, but lots of points down. Despite my underwhelming performance, I was able to take 1st place overall out of 14 total. I was shooting my beloved CZ P-09 Urban Gray at this match, as I recently re-textured it to fix a previously botched stipple job, and it turned out great! I've been carrying it every day since I re-textured the grip, so I used it at this match too.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

USPSA Action Pistol Match 07/09/2022

USPSA action pistol match at the Lead Farm shooting range in Lubbock, TX. I was shooting my Bul Armory SAS II Tac Commander that I recently updated by refinishing all the controls, hammer, and grip screws in black Cerakote, and I also reinstalled the factory grip module that I textured at RFV Tactical. I had a dumpster fire on the first stage as I went to war on the Texas Star spinning target that resulted in an unexpected flat-footed reload. For some damn reason I could not hit the plates on that thing to save my life, which is odd because I usually do pretty decent on them.  I also had a trigger reset issue on the same stage which may have spooked me by the time I arrived at the Star, but it was embarrassing none the less. I started to wonder if my red dot was not zeroed properly, but I was able to go 1 for 1 on a steel plate rack on the 4th stage that was the same distance away as the start with no problem. I suspect that the trigger reset issue was due to me simply not let the trigger out far enough to reset properly (aka - trigger freeze) as I do that occasionally with 1911/2011 style guns. The rest of the stages went okay with no more trigger reset issues, but the damage was done on the first stage.  I came in 8th place out of 38 total.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Outlaw Action Pistol Match 06/25/2022

Outlaw action pistol match at Amarillo Rifle and Pistol Club. This match ran much smoother than last month's match and there weren't any weird strong-hand/weak-hand specific stages. Just some pretty standard stuff. I was using my STI Tac-Lite 4.0 2011 in my RFV Tactical concealed carry gear.  I only had one brain fart where I forgot to do a mag reload which left me doing a flat-footed reload, but I got the reload done pretty quickly. I came in first place out of 13 total.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

USPSA Action Pistol Match 06/11/2022

Another awesome USPSA action pistol match in Lubbock, TX!  I was using my CZ USA SP-01 that I recently converted from a retired competition gun to a concealed carry gun and used my RFV Tactical concealed carry gear (in the waistband at the appendix position). Despite being the only person using actual concealed carry gear, I ended up in 5th place overall out of  38 total. The gun ran great, and my performance wasn't too bad (no brain farts!), so it was definitely a good day. 😀

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Outlaw Action Pistol Match 05/28/2022

Another local outlaw action pistol match (USPSA rules with IDPA scoring). I definitely tried to push my speed a little bit, even though you can't really tell from the video. My accuracy didn't suffer too much, but it did suffer. I ended up in 2nd place Overall out of 20 shooters. I was shooting my Walther PDP with a Holosun 509T optic and an Inforce WILD2 weapon light in my RFV Tactical concealed carry gear.  The heat wasn't bad in the morning, but it got almost unbearable by the time we got done. At least it wasn't windy as hell like it was at the last match.  The PDP performed well, but I prematurely locked the slide back after the first round fired on the 2nd stage due to my high grip on the gun (and my big hands).  The slide lock/release lever on the PDP is very long, so I will most likely shorten it to work better with my high grip like I have done with all of my hammer fired CZ guns. While I love the PDP and I feel like it is absolutely the best striker fired gun on the market today, I still feel like I shoot the best with any of my CZs.