Monday, November 23, 2015

Custom Kydex Holsters

I've been using a modified universal nylon holster for daily carry for over a year.  It has worked well for me, because I've been able to use it with all of my compact carry guns, and it has been really comfortable.  However, with all the dry fire practice that I do with my carry guns, it has started to wear out.  When new, it was also stiff enough that it wouldn't collapse after the gun was drawn, which is great for re-holstering frequently during dry fire sessions, but it hasn't maintained that stiffness over time.  I have been considering using custom Kydex holsters, but I didn't want to buy a separate holster for every carry gun that I own due to the expense.  I also wasn't completely happy with the design of most of the commercially available holsters, so I decided to just build my own molding press and buy the materials to make my own custom holsters.  After taking the time to build my press and make my first holster, I can tell you that the average price of $70 for a quality Kydex holster is a bargain! 😝 But, the satisfaction of making your own custom holsters is priceless. 😉 By the way... I have no intention of making and selling holsters.  I just wanted to make them for myself.

The first holster I made was for my CZ P-07. As a bonus, this same holster works nicely for my CZ 75 P-01 by simply tightening the tension screw near the trigger guard. To make this task easier, I used a stainless steel thumb screw, which also helps to secure the holster in place when worn.

The second holster was for my two CCO sized Sig Sauer 1911s. Even though the slide profile is different on the two guns, adjusting the tension of the trigger guard screw allows this one holster to work for both guns.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

CZ-USA CZ P-09 Handgun

I have been wanting to acquire a CZ-USA P-09, but I have a weird thing about having to have a "reason" to buy a new gun  even if the reason isn't all that legitimate. Unfortunately, I could not come up with a good enough reason (by my standards) to get one since I already have too many competition guns. Then I started reading discussion threads about the new USPSA Carry Optics division on some of the gun forums that I visit frequently.  There were several posts with pictures of P-09s with optical red dot sights mounted to them and I immediately realized I had a reason to get one. 😛  I purchased a Burris Fastfire III red dot sight and mounted it using a Springer Precision CZ-75 rear sight dovetail mount adapter. I also installed a factory threaded barrel for the cool factor. I've been dry-fire practicing with the gun quite a bit, but I'm not sure if having a red dot sight is any quicker for me versus regular competition sights.  Regardless, it's still a bad ass looking gun with the optic and threaded barrel. 😎