Sunday, August 26, 2018

Outlaw 3-Gun Match 08/26/2018

I came in 2nd place overall at this 3-Gun match, which helped ease the pain from my less than normal result from the USPSA match on the previous day.  We had a shotgun heavy stage at this match, and I was really happy that my Franchi Infinity shotgun performed without any issues at all.  I'm still a little slow with my shotgun reloads since I only load three shells at a time (inserting them one-at-a-time), but I'm comfortable with that method for now.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

USPSA Action Pistol Match 08/25/2018

I don't know if I was just trying to go too fast, or if I just wasn't in the zone at this USPSA action pistol match, but I didn't place as good as I normally do (8th overall out of 15 total).  After reviewing the results, it appears my accuracy level suffered from where it normally is.  This is most likely from trying to go faster.  It's very difficult for me to push my speed without directly affecting accuracy, so I really need to just concentrate on being as accurate as I can. Ah well, whether I place 1st or halfway in the pack, I still have fun shooting. 😎

CZ-USA Shadow 2 with Burris Fastfire 3 optic

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

IDPA Action Pistol Match 08/22/2018

Another 1st place finish Overall at an indoor IDPA action pistol match using my CZ P-07 with a Trijicon RMR in the Carry Optics division.  The video makes me look slow, but I make sure all my hits are solid.  I was only 5 points down for the entire 5-stage match. 😎

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Handguns with Red Dot Sights

Well, I'm up to four carry guns with red dot sights now. 😎 This most recent home-built Polymer80 Glock 19 was just begging for a red dot. I was able to find a brand new Trijicon RM01 Type 1 for it fairly cheap, and had the same local guy that milled the windows in the slide do the milling for the RMR.  These four guns are my most frequently carried handguns these days, so I thought it made sense to have red dots on them all.  While I do have some other carry guns (compact metal framed CZs and 1911s), I don't carry them nearly as often so I'm not going to go through the effort of putting red dots on those.  I'm not sure why, but I really do prefer polymer framed handguns for concealed carry.