Saturday, August 28, 2021

USPSA Action Pistol Match 08/28/2021

I don't really know why, but I am loving shooting USPSA matches with my actual concealed carry gear from RFV Tactical.  I guess it's partly because I want to prove that my concealed carry gear is good to go even at a competition pace, but I also like the idea of competing with the gun that I wore to the match for defensive purposes.  As usual, I was the only person running the match with concealed carry gear, which admittedly puts me at a huge disadvantage, but I am okay with that. 😉  I ended up in 6th place out of 10 overall.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Custom Staccato C2 Handgun

After placing an order for a Bul Armory SAS II Viper and waiting over a year with no ETA on when the gun would be done, I canceled the order and purchased another Staccato C2 as a replacement project. Since I already have one Staccato C2 that is completely stock (other than installing a red dot sight), I really wanted to customize the crap out of this new one.

I purchased the gun and immediately sent the slide off to Vulcan Machine Werks to have the slide milled for a red dot, but I also had them mill their Stacc-Ports into the top of the slide and barrel. While the slide was off getting milled, I took the frame completely apart and dehorned it in preparation to be Cerakoted in Stainless (H-152) by CP Tactical Solutions. While the frame was off getting refinished, I textured the grip module in my signature RFV Tactical concealed carry texture.

Once all the pieces came back, I put it back together and put a Surefire X300U-A on it to finish off that extreme custom look.  The gun turned out exactly how I wanted it, and it shoots and carries great!

The only downside to the Stacc-Ports barrel porting system is that it completely blackens the face of the front sight post after shooting just a few rounds. The fiber optic rod or tritium vial in the front sight becomes completely unusable and is very difficult to clean afterwards. To shield the front sight from the blast of the Stacc-Ports, I wrap it with a piece of electrical tape right before I go to the range for practice or for a match. The electrical tape stays in place during shooting, but is easily removed and keeps the front sight nice and clean during extended shooting sessions. I also keep a piece of electrical tape on the top of any weapon mounted light that extends past the muzzle of any of my guns so that the muzzle blast doesn't burn the coating off the top of the light. That piece of electrical tape doesn't impede the function of the light at all, and it is very easy to replace. 👍

USPSA Action Pistol Match 08/21/2021

Another great USPSA action pistol match using my real everyday concealed carry gear (I only add a second spare mag on my belt with a OWB mag carrier for those stages that will require a second reload). I ended up in 9th place overall (29 total). I was using my new custom two-tone Staccato C2 with a ported barrel/slide.  The gun ran great, but I wish I was a little faster on a couple of stages.  No real mistakes, but just kinda slow. Oh well... still an awesome way to spend a Saturday morning! 😀