Monday, February 25, 2019

Outlaw 3-Gun Match 02/24/2019

There have still not been any local IDPA or USPSA matches since late last year, so here is yet another outlaw 3-Gun match.  I made a couple of mistakes at this match... I did not carry enough pistol ammo with me on the first stage (pistol-only stage) and ran out before being able to engage the last target and I did not take into account that my rifle would be hitting a little high at 125 yards with a 50/200 yard zero, so I wasted a lot of time going to war with two small round steel targets.  I still placed 3rd Overall, but it was definitely another learning experience of what NOT to do. 😜

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Nomad Defense Glock 19 - UPDATE

As much as I wanted to like the Nomad Defense Gen4 frame for this Glock 19 project, it was just too small for my big gorilla hands and was causing too many user induced malfunctions while shooting it at matches due to my support hand placement. So, I sold it and picked up a brand new Gen4 Glock frame and modified it with my personal preferences (finger groove removal, trigger guard undercut, stippling, and a modified beavertail backstrap). That modified beavertail backstrap is the key to a factory Glock 19 fitting my hands properly. Really happy with the way it turned out. After finishing up the gun, I was able to shoot another "zero points down" indoor IDPA match with it. 😀