Sunday, March 24, 2024

Outlaw Steel Action Pistol Match - 03/24/2024

Outlaw Steel Action Pistol match at 41 Lead Farm in Lubbock, TX with the West Texas Practical Shooters club. This was a larger than normal charity match and we were able to sign up for multiple entries to increase the charity donations. I was shooting my custom ported STI TacLite 4.0 2011 in the Open Division in the first half of the day and then my Springfield Prodigy 4.25" in the Limited Optics Division during the afternoon. I only posted video from my first runs with the STI TacLite, because I was so tired by the afternoon runs with the Prodigy that I did pretty poorly and didn't want to bother posting those runs. Both guns ran great, but I could've gone a little faster on some of the stages. A few of the stages were also very challenging and couldn't really be shot quickly. I ended up in 12th place overall out of 86 total with the STI and 25th place overall with the Prodigy.

(the Prodigy actually has a Holosun 509T installed on it now)