Friday, November 10, 2023

Upgrades for the STI Tac-Lite 4.0 2011 Handgun

I upgraded my older STI Tac-Lite 4.0 with some barrel porting done by Impact CNC Machine and installed my favorite optic, the Holosun 509T! I purchased the mounting plate for the 509T from Dynamic Weapons Solutions over a year ago. The mounting plate is supposed to fit onto a 1911 slide that has already been milled for the Trijicon RMR 1911 mounting plate. It took 3 months to get the plate, and I was so frustrated with how long it took that I just stored it away and forgot about it. Fast forward to almost a year later, and I decided that I would install it when the slide and barrel came back from Impact Machine. Unfortunately, it did not fit the slide... at all... so I had to custom fit it to my slide and then refinish it in Graphite Black Cerakote. I also koted and installed Ed Brown thin ambidextrous thumb safety levers so that my high grip on the gun with my gorilla hands don't inadvertently engage the safety while shooting it. Dawson Precision recently came out with a 4.15" version of their tool-less guide rod for the new Staccato P Heritage, so I installed one of those with a lighter recoil spring since the barrel is now ported. This gun shoots SUPER flat now, and the lighter weight of the aluminum frame makes transitions from target to target very quick. For me, it is the perfect carry gun... until I buy another new gun... or modify another existing gun. 😎

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