Sunday, November 19, 2023

Outlaw Steel Action Pistol Match - 11/18/2023

Outlaw Steel Action Pistol match at 41 Lead Farm in Lubbock, TX. I was planning on using my newly upgraded STI Tac-Lite 4.0 2011 for the next few matches, but I was dry-fire and live-fire practicing with my custom V8 ported Staccato P 2011 earlier this week, so I decided to just use it at this match in the Open division. The Tac-Lite 4.0 is actually a flatter shooting gun now with the inline top barrel ports and lighter weight aluminum frame compared to the V8 ports and heavier steel frame of the Stacc P, but they are both very flat shooting guns with very little perceived recoil. I also love how low the Holosun 509T optic sits on the direct milled slide of the Stacc P. I had a few bobbles at this match which hurt my overall score. On the first stage, right out of the holster, I neglected to disengage the thumb safety and then my first shot after that was a miss due to being flustered, so it threw me off for the rest of the stage. I also had several misses on other stages where I had to make up the shots, but after reviewing the video I realized that some of those misses were actually hits and I just did not hear the hit and thought I had missed... wasted time there. I ended up in 7th place Overall out of 35 total.

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