Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Autocrossing again in 2011

I will be autocrossing again this season because of an offer from a fellow autocrosser in my Region to co-drive his Honda S2000 for the entire season. All of the West Texas Region SCCA events will be held at Kimbrough Stadium in Canyon, TX, and i typically don't attend these events due to the loose gravel surface. This venue is very hard on the tires and on the paint, but i'll definitely attend if i'm able to drive someone else's car.

I'm also going to attend a couple of events in Mineral Wells, TX in the M3 this coming weekend. Saturday's event is a National Street Tire Challenge that is sanctioned by the SCCA, and Sunday's event is a Texas Region SCCA event. I'm very excited about getting back to autocrossing this season. It's been too long.