Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Motorcycle Track Day - 11/3/2012 @ MSRC

I'm very happy that I was able to get one more track day in this year with RideSmart.  My wife just had surgery a few weeks ago, so she wasn't able to participate in this event. We were back at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX with RideSmart.  I felt like I improved some more, and I finally dragged a knee! :-)  The day before the event, I picked up a set of used carbon fiber D&D slip-on mufflers from a friend in the DFW area to replace my cored OEM mufflers for track days.  The D&D mufflers are much lighter and smaller than the OEM mufflers, and sound a lot better (albeit louder).  The mufflers came off of an older Supersport ('91-'98), but I was able to get them mounted on the bike with a little bit of adjustment.  I've since cleaned the mufflers up and fabricated my own mounting brackets (last photo). My video consists of three different laps with three different camera views.  The first two views were earlier in the day, so they certainly weren't very fast, but it was interesting to see the different angles.  I think I like the windscreen camera angle the best as it works well with my mirrored visor and allows me to see my body position in the turns.