Saturday, April 22, 2023

Outlaw Steel Action Pistol Match - 04/22/2023

Outlaw Steel Action Pistol match at 41 Lead Farm in Lubbock, TX. Still shooting my custom V8 ported Staccato P (still loving the gun too), however my performance was really off. It was cold and windy again, which really wreaks havoc on my focus, so I was going way slower that I would've liked. No major mistakes other than an unexpected first shot into the berm on stage 2, which was embarrassing. I fully expected to come home, review the video, and be utterly disappointed in my performance, but it actually wasn't that bad. 😜 I ended up in 4th place Overall out of 43 total.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

USPSA Action Pistol Match - 04/08/2023

USPSA action pistol match at 41 Lead Farm in Lubbock, TX. Shooting my custom V8 ported Staccato P in the Open Division. Still trying to get the right balance of speed with acceptable hits.  Went too slow in some sections of stages, too fast in other sections, and had two misses on the first stage which is hard to recover from. Ended up in 7th place Overall out of 53 total.