Saturday, April 23, 2022

Outlaw Action Pistol Match 04/23/2022

This was an outlaw action pistol match (mostly USPSA rules) hosted by a new group of people trying to attract more people to their club/range.  I've competed in many matches at this facility, but they stopped having matches at this range several years ago due to the club's strict limitations on matches.  This is why the stages are very basic and we are only able to shoot into the back berm.  The match was better than I expected considering it was put on by people that don't have prior experience in action pistol matches, but were definitely some kinks that will need to be worked out.  I came in 1st place overall out of 12 total, so it was definitely a good day for me. I was shooting my old retired CZ SP-01 competition gun that I've recently updated for concealed carry usage by having the slide milled for a Holosun 509T red dot sight as well as adding a little heavier main spring and recoil spring to make it more appropriate for concealed carry.  It's been great to put this gun to use again, as it is a great shooter and is very reliable.