Thursday, January 11, 2018

Glock 19 Gen 4 Update

I've made some subtle changes to my recently acquired Gen 4 Glock 19, and I'm really happy with the results. Changing the grip angle was the biggest improvement to the gun that I've done besides the DIY high visibility front sight modification. Even though it's still not exactly the same grip angle as a CZ or 1911, the gun feels much better in my hand and points more naturally for me now. This was a fairly easy change to make by modifying the factory medium beavertail backstrap by simply cutting off the bottom section of the backstrap so that it essentially flattens out the "Glock Hump" at the bottom of the back of the grip similarly to the Grip Force add-on beavertail adapter. A lot of Glock enthusiasts go to extreme measures to change the grip angle by cutting and epoxying or heating and reforming the back of the grip to physically remove this hump, but these methods typically require a stippling job to hide the modification (along with removing the finger grooves on the front of the grip). I didn't really want to stipple this gun's grip as I like the Gen 4 texture, and the finger grooves don't really bother me. Modifying the backstrap was relatively easy and I can always purchase a replacement factory backstrap set for $20. I also slightly contoured the bottom of the trigger guard so that it is more comfortable against my knuckle when gripping the gun. The Magpul enhanced mag well solves the problem of all the sharp/weird edges and angles inside the mag opening, improves the grip of the gun, and also improves the aesthetics of the gun. While the CZ P-07 is still my favorite concealed carry gun, this Gen 4 Glock 19 is now higher up on my favorites list. 😀 Below is a list of upgrades and modifications that I've done to the gun, which have all made the gun much more appealing to me in both form and function.

  • Glock OEM tritium 3-dot sights with DIY high visibility front sight modification
  • TAU Development Group Striker Control Device (a safety measure for appendix carry)
  • Vickers Tactical enhanced slide stop lever by TangoDown
  • Glock OEM Gen 3 smooth face trigger shoe with a contoured trigger safety lever
  • Lone Wolf Distributors 3.5# connector and 6# trigger spring
  • All the internal trigger components have been polished
  • Factory medium beavertail backstrap modified for improved grip angle
  • Bottom of the trigger guard contoured for comfort
  • Magpul enhanced mag well