Friday, May 11, 2012

Motorcycle Track Day - 05/6/2012 @ MSRC

My second track day was awesome! :-) I was in Level 1 again with RideSmart at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX. This was my second track day, and my first time at MSRC. The bike performed flawlessly, and I was doing pretty good myself. I was a LOT more comfortable on the bike and you can see from the photos below that I was able to lean the bike over farther and _almost_ touched a knee. :-) My instructor followed me around for a couple of laps and later told me that my lines and body position were really good and that I am good to advance to Level 2 at my next track day if I want to. I did have a problem with the belly pan scraping again on the sides with the bike leaned over farther, so I'm going to do some more trimming on the pan to raise it up closer to the engine. The video below is three of my best laps from the last session of the day.