Saturday, December 31, 2022

IDPA Action Pistol Match - 12/31/2022

My last match for 2022! This one was an IDPA match. I was shooting in the NFC division with my new Zev Technologies OZ9C with a Radian Ramjet/Afterburner barrel and compensator combo. It was a fairly small turn-out with only 10 people, but I ended up in 1st place Overall with a margin of 29 seconds. 😀 Apparently this new gun is working well for me! 👍

Saturday, December 10, 2022

USPSA Action Pistol Match - 12/10/2022

USPSA action pistol match at the Lead Farm in Lubbock, TX. I was shooting another new gun at this match (purchased used), the Zev Technologies OZ9C. The OZ9C is a high-end Glock platform gun with it's own unique features that set it apart from other Glock clones. I ran the gun in the Open division because it has a magwell and will soon have a Radian Ramjet/Afterburner barrel and compensator combo installed. The gun ran great except for one light strike on the last stage (not sure if it was gun or ammo related). I also hit a "no-shoot" target on the last stage, so that kind of killed my potential of placing high. I ended up in 2nd place in the Open division and 6th place Overall out of 40 total.