Thursday, January 14, 2016

IDPA Indoor Action Pistol Match 1/13/2016

This was my first IDPA action pistol match after having knee surgery back in December. I wanted to take it slow and I knew I would not get first place (placed 3rd out of 14 total), but I had several fumbles that weren't related to my knee. 😕 On the second stage I had trouble with stowing a magazine IWB during a retention reload (the mag kept coming back out as I let go of it), and on the third stage I had a jam during a magazine reload. Oh... and... this was the first time I've shot a gun with BOTH eyes open! I usually close my left eye when shooting so that I can somewhat focus on the front sight post, since I simply cannot focus on it with both eyes open due to my eyeglass prescription.  I recently watched this video of Doug Koenig saying that he shoots with both eyes open and focuses on the target out to 20 yards, so I thought I would give it a try. I've been practicing this in dry fire for a couple of weeks, but this match was the first time I've done it in live fire.  My first shot of the stage was done with my left eye closed because of habit, but I then forced myself to open both eyes (that's why those first three shots were so slow!). I need to get out to the range and practice shooting with both eyes open. 😛