Thursday, March 9, 2023

Custom Staccato P Handgun

With the recent initial frustration and disappointment with my Springfield Prodigy 1911DS, and the frustration with Bul Armory's lack of supply of their newest generation of 2011-style guns in the US market, I decided to sell my first generation Bul SASII Tac Commander and purchase a used 4.4" Staccato P 2011 handgun to customize and to have for holster test fitment at RFV Tactical. I knew that I wanted to have it direct milled for a Holosun 509T red dot, so I picked up an iron-sight only version and sent it off to Impact CNC Machine to have it milled for the optic and then to DSC Gunworks to have the barrel and slide ported in a V8 configuration. After getting the slide and barrel back from Impact and DSC, I textured the grip while retaining the star logos, pinned the beavertail grip safety (because the previous owner permanently disabled it), cut the front of the frame's dust cover at an angle to better match the factory cuts on the slide, completely dehorned the slide and frame of all their sharp corners and edges, and then Cerakoted the slide in Graphite Black H-146 and the frame and beavertail in Stainless H-152 to match my custom two-tone Staccato C2.

Having the slide direct milled for the optic rather than using Staccato's optic mounting plate system allows the Holosun 509T to sit really low and there are no additional small screws that might come loose if they are not torqued and thread-locked properly. 👍

I plan to use this gun for daily carry and to compete at action pistol matches for a little while going forward. Surprisingly, this full-size 2011 is an ounce lighter than my 4.25" Springfield Prodigy 1911DS, but it actually has much less muzzle flip due to the V8 porting even with my lower powered reloaded ammo that I use at matches.

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