Wednesday, February 22, 2023

IDPA Action Pistol Match - 02/22/2023

Indoor IDPA action pistol match with my Springfield Prodigy. I designed all the stages (I kept it simple) and ran the match, but we had a small turnout with only 6 people total. I got a little sloppy on the fourth stage trying to push my speed and then slowed it down too much on the last stage, but I still came in 1st place Overall with a margin of over 8 seconds. The Prodigy has been running 100%, but I am considering going to go back to rotating through different guns for carry and competition until I finish my new custom Staccato P that I am building. Carrying and competing with the same gun every week gets a little boring for me. I may even rotate my Sig XCarry, Walther PDP, and Shadow Systems MR920 into the mix to keep it interesting. Who knows what I'll do next... 😎

Update: I finished the custom Staccato P build a few days later, so I will be shooting it for a little while going forward. 👍

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