Sunday, December 20, 2015

Close Quarters Drills

I'm still recovering from knee surgery, so for my first time back to the outdoor range I thought I would just work on close quarters drills with three of my concealed carry guns.  The first two runs on the video are with my CZ 75 P-01, the second two are with my CZ P-07, and the last two are with my Sig Sauer Ultra Compact 1911 in 9mm.  Normally I would start moving backwards after the first two shots, but I don't have that kind of mobility back just yet.  Out of all of the training that I do by myself at the outdoor range, these drills are definitely the most fun. 😊

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sig Sauer Ultra Compact 1911 9mm Handgun

I recently had arthroscopic knee surgery due to a torn meniscus and some damaged cartilage, and to help me recover faster I picked up another couple of guns. :-P  On a serious note, I've owned two Ruger LCPs (one for me, and one for my wife) and a Ruger LC9s Pro.  Out of those three Rugers, two of them had catastrophic failures while shooting them at the range, so I felt like I needed to replace them since I simply couldn't trust them anymore.

I've always liked the Sig Sauer Ultra Compact 1911s, but I didn't really want another compact 1911 in .45 ACP, especially in that small of a size. After some research, I discovered that Sig also makes the Ultra in 9mm, so I picked one up to replace my Ruger LC9s Pro.  I am VERY impressed with this gun!  It is very accurate and lightweight, but has very little recoil, and it is easy to conceal (especially with carbon fiber slim VZ Grips installed). I think it looks really good too.  It has quickly tied with my CZ P-01 as my favorite concealed carry gun. I was so impressed with it, that I picked up a Sig Sauer P238 as a replacement for my Ruger LCP. 😊