Thursday, April 5, 2012

My First Motorcycle Track Day! - 04/1/2012 @ ECR

Finally got my first track day under my belt! It was with RideSmart at Eagles Canyon Raceway near Decatur, TX. It was a LOT of fun, and I learned a lot about the handling of my bike that I would've never been able to discover on the street. I wish I lived closer to a track so that I could afford to go once or twice a month! :-)

The belly pan was dragging slightly in two corners during my first two sessions, so I took the bike to the guys from OnRoad OffRoad Cycles who were at the track and they got it setup better for me (my springs are still too light for my weight - what a fat ass!) and it was a much better bike on the track (no more scraping).

The video clip below is from a couple of laps from my last session of the day in Level 1. The Japanese bikes were passing me in the straight sections of the track pretty regularly. This clip starts as I'm exiting turn 6 and ends at the same spot two laps later. I chose to post this particular two laps because it had the least amount of people passing me. :-)


  1. A motorcycle race is not just about competition. It's also a chance to learn new skills and tricks, and improve on existing ones, to be a better racer. Win or lose, at least, you'll be bringing home something that neither money nor trophy can afford. Did you know that Japan's BMW dominated the two wheeled world since the 1960s? However, with the help of "slash-5" series for model year 1970, BMW came back in the race and is still kickin' it.

    Jessie Bluitt

    1. I agree with Jessie. BMW is still kickin' it! (I like the use of word). In addition, motorcycles are not only for races, Chuck. They are fuel efficient and create less pollution, and less material is used in constructing this vehicle, and they only need a little space on the road, and most importantly, it's fun!

      Hannah Parkin

    2. I strongly agree with Hannah and Jessie. You know, driving a motorcycle has significantly less carbon emission compared to driving a car. Moreover, it allows the rider to be more flexible in traffic. Most importantly, it permits the driver to use the carpool lanes.

      Max Piedra

  2. It’s very exciting to drive in a motorcycle track! It is only there where you can experience utmost freedom compared to streets! I knew you enjoyed your first time, and you’re actually looking for more races to come. Keep on competing and learn from your experiences!

    -Erik Lucien

  3. I bet that first time you spent riding around the track won’t be your last! Riding around the track is definitely different from riding on roads because, in the track, you can speed up anytime you want. Plus, you can freely move without worrying about pedestrians. The road is all yours - unless you are competing, that is.

    >Claudio Mccarty