Sunday, September 2, 2012

Track Bike Updates

I've made a few updates to the track version of my Ducati 900 Supersport, all of which have absolutely nothing to do with the bike's performance. :-)

I've had problems with the belly pan dragging at the track because it was mounted so low on the bike to clear the exhaust.  Since I'm not using the pan to catch any fluids, I decided to cut an opening into the bottom for the exhaust to fit through similar to the factory fairings. I also trimmed the pan and modified the mounting points to mount it up higher on the bike so that it has the same ground clearance as the factory fairings.

I also replaced the grey tank pad with a black version from the '99-'00 Supersports, added some TechSpec grip material to the sides of the tank, and recovered the seat with a new Sport Skinz replacement cover from Sargent Cycle.

Now the bike doesn't look so much like a piece of crap that was thrown together quickly with random used parts for track days. :-)

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  1. Chuck,
    I just saw that you are running these events off of a post on Race Lubbock. Congrats - it looks like fun. I ran ECR last month for the first time. I bet the bumps are a pain on a bike - they were in my car. We may do a play day at Sandia in October where we rent the track and all get some seat time. The rental is not bad and we have the track to ourselves. Maybe you should join us.