Sunday, November 9, 2014

EAA/Tanfoglio Witness Elite Limited Handgun

I already have two EAA/Tanfoglio handguns that I use for action pistol shooting competition, but I recently came across another one that caught my eye.  This gun was put together from parts left over from a custom gun that someone had built from parts and pieces of two different guns.  It consists of a Witness Hunter frame (same as a Limited frame, but with a blued finish instead of hard chrome) and a Witness Stock III top end in 10mm.  Together, the parts create a blued Witness Elite Limited with a straight barrel instead of a bull barrel (I'm calling it a Limited Custom).  It also came with a factory magwell and some Tanfoglio Xtreme aluminum grips.  I think the blued frame and silver grips and magwell is what appealed to me so much because it resembled the Tanfoglio Limited Custom Xtreme which was not available in the USA until recently.  I added a Henning competition magwell that I had previously purchased,  a Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight, and also added a silver hammer and controls to complete the look of the Limited Custom.  As much as I liked the way the Xtreme grips looked, they were too thin for my preference, so I replaced them with a set of Henning smooth contour grips covered with gray grip tape. I also installed a .40 S&W barrel which drops right into the slide without any modification or tuning. After playing with the gun for a bit, I swapped the hard chrome .40 S&W top end from my Witness Limited Pro, and I REALLY like the way it looks in reverse two-tone! :-)  So, now I have three Witness competition handguns with all three top ends switched around. I'll be using this new gun in USPSA's Limited Division, and will use my Witness Elite Match as an alternate/backup gun.


  1. WOW! My first Tanfoglio is on the way, Witness Hunter 10mm and I do want to "customize" it just a bit. Glad I found Brazeau Racing!

  2. Great guns! I still have all three of mine, but don't shoot them much anymore since I primarily compete with my CZs.