Sunday, October 21, 2018

Outlaw 3-Gun Match 10/21/2018

Yet ANOTHER Outlaw 3-Gun match.  It seems as if I've only been attending 3-Gun matches lately, but other than a few indoor IDPA matches that I didn't record, I haven't attended any IDPA or USPSA matches over that last couple of months due to weather cancellations or scheduling conflicts.  Ah well... shooting is shooting, so I'm not gonna bitch. 😜  The stages at this particular match were all very similar with just a few changes for each stage. It was a little repetitive, but it made for an efficiently run match that actually saved us enough time to run a 5th stage and it was also great practice.  I got several opportunities to do some shotgun reloads as well as match saver reloads.  I'm still not that great at either, but it was good to be faced with them at this match. Despite my shotgun reload challenges, I ended up in 2nd place Overall. 😖

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