Saturday, August 19, 2023

USPSA Action Pistol Match - 08/19/2023

USPSA Action Pistol Match at 41 Lead Farm in Lubbock, TX. I was using my custom Sig Sauer X5 Legion again at this match because I wanted to give it another try since I installed a new Gray Guns competition trigger kit to hopefully allow me to be more accurate with the gun.  The new trigger feels awesome now at just under 3 pounds with the "intermediate" springs, but unfortunately I was still having trouble being accurate with the gun. The first stage was a complete dumpster fire for me as I couldn't hardly hit any of the long distance steel targets (20 yards away or farther), which was the majority of the targets for that stage. The rest of the stages were okay, but they were all mostly paper targets within 15 yards. I was so bothered by my poor performance with the gun that I decided to stop by my indoor range on the way home to check the zero of the optic.  To my disgust, I discovered that it was shooting about 3 inches to the left at only 10 yards! 😩 It's no wonder why I couldn't hit anything with accuracy past 15 yards!  It's very possible that when I originally installed the optic on the slide after Cerakoting it, I just aligned the dot with the iron sights to get it in the ballpark but forgot to actually go zero it!  All this time I was blaming the mushy Sig trigger for my accuracy issues with the gun, but it appears that it was just not properly zeroed. 😖 Now that it's been properly zeroed and the trigger is much better, I'll give it another try at my next match to see how I do with it.  I ended up in 25th place Overall out of 72 total. 😕

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