Saturday, October 14, 2023

USPSA Action Pistol Match - 10/14/2023

USPSA Action Pistol Match at 41 Lead Farm in Lubbock, TX. I have recently been carrying and practicing with my Walther PDP Compact after completely re-contouring the large backstrap again, so I decided to use it at this match. It now feels sooooo good in the hand with the modified backstrap, and I feel like I can shoot it much faster than I've been able to in the past. As expected, the gun ran great and my performance was pretty good... except for the first stage with long range steel targets with the sun blaring down through the optic window.  I ended up in 7th place Overall out of 35 total.

Previously recontoured large backstrap on the left
Newly recontoured large backstrap on the right
The beavertail was also previously recontoured

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