Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Custom Walther PDP 4.5" Handgun

Here are more details and photos of the Walther PDP 4.5" full-size handgun that I recently customized for myself at RFV Tactical. I am really fond of my Walther PDP Compact, and I wanted to build a really nice custom full-size version of the gun. I refinished the frame in Tungsten Cerakote and then added my Concealed Carry texture to the grip with matching texture on the index pads on the sides of the frame and on the front of the trigger guard. I trimmed down the magazine release button ledges a little bit, but they are still functional for protecting the button from inadvertent activations. I rounded off the corners of the beavertail to be more comfortable. I extended the smooth magwell border height on the sides of the grip around to the front strap for aesthetic purposes. I chopped the backstrap overhang off and chamfered the magwell opening for smoother/easier reloads. I also shortened the slide stop levers to keep my big gorilla hands from inadvertently activating them while shooing, and then refinished them in Graphite Black Cerakote. I sent the slide and barrel to Impact CNC Machine for barrel porting and a top window cut in the slide. I installed a Trijicon SRO optic, Night Fision back-up iron sights, and a Surefire X300-U weapon light. I also installed a Walther Performance trigger with a Sprinco competition spring kit and a ZR Tactical stainless steel uncaptured guide rod with a 13-pound ISMI recoil spring. I think this gun looks amazing now! It shoots really fast and flat, has been really reliable, and feels really good in the hands. I'll be using this one at my shooting matches for a while in the Open division, as well as carrying it on a daily basis.

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