Tuesday, May 28, 2024

STI Staccato P (2019) - The Holy Grail 2011 #2

Within a few weeks of acquiring my 2019 STI Staccato P, I randomly came across another one that was selling for even less than what I purchased mine for... so... I bought it! 😁 I ended up selling several guns to fund this purchase, including my Springfield Prodigy. My decision to purchase a second 2019 Staccato P was mainly because my first one is in such pristine condition that I have been really apprehensive about carrying it or shooting it at matches. This second gun was not in as good of condition as the first one, but that was reflected in the lower price. It was also an iron sight only gun like the first one, so I again sent it to DSC Gunworks to have it milled for the factory DPO cut, but I also had them port the barrel and slide with Atlas Gunworks Ares/EOS style ports. I wanted the porting to be minimal so as not to take away from the beautiful aesthetics of the gun, but I also wanted something completely different than what I've had done to my other 2011s and I've heard the Atlas ports work really well. I took the Holosun 509T optic and Surefire X300U light off of my Springfield Prodigy and installed them on this second Staccato P along with an Atlas toolless guide rod with a lighter weight recoil spring to tune it to the barrel porting. Since the compact Staccato C2 grip modules are no longer available to purchase separately, I ordered a MJD Solutions grip module and did a step cut grip chop to accommodate compact 16-round Staccato C2 magazines along with my RFV Tactical Concealed Carry texture. 

Actual photos from the Gunbroker auction

More photos coming soon!

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