Monday, December 4, 2017

DIY High Visibility Front Sight Modification

I recently came across an article on (linked below) for a DIY High Visibility Front Sight modification and figured I would try it out on my new mostly stock CZ P-07 and Glock 19 Gen4. I've heard about using florescent paint on the front sight before, but I wasn't sure how that would work around the tritium vial of night sights. I've installed factory tritium 3-dot sights on both of the guns (mainly because I already had the CZ sights), so using the hole punched pinstripe tape seemed like a great method. I've gotta say... my old eyes really like it! 😁 Why not just buy Trijicon HD sights? Because the HD sights aren't available for all the different guns I carry. Plus, I've got enough pinstripe tape to do this several hundred times for only $5. I liked this modification so much that I went ahead and modified all of my carry guns. 😎


UPDATE: October 2018
I'm now using florescent green pinstripe tape on my red dot sight guns to contrast with the dot while still using red on my non-optic guns. I've also simplified the process of installing the 1/4" pinstripe tape by using a 1/16" hole punch to cut out the hole for the tritium lamp to show through, and then a larger 1/8" hole punch to cut the outside edge into a perfect circle. The 1/8" outside diameter will fit most tritium front sight posts without any trimming. Once the pinstripe tape has been punched out, gently position it on the front sight and press it down firmly with your finger. Once the pinstripe tape is in position it can be sealed onto the front sight post by putting a little dab of clear fingernail polish over it.

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