Friday, January 18, 2019

Nomad Defense Glock 19 Handgun Build

Along with my recent CZ-USA P-07 build, I also built another custom Glock 19 handgun. This one utilizes the Gen4 MOS slide that I acquired, which I sent off to Maple Leaf Firearms to have front cocking serrations and a top window milled into it and refinished with black Nitride.  I really like the factory front serrations on my Gen4 G19 FS, so I think this slide looks great with these features.

I used the Nomad Defense Nomad 9 aftermarket Gen4 Glock 19 frame for this build, because I really liked all of the features and ergonomics that they put into it. I have to admit that when I first started handling the Nomad 9 frame, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. I really would've liked the grip texture to continue onto the front strap instead of having horizontal serrations, and the grip just felt a little too short in my big gorilla hands for some reason. So... like any other person that is not 100% satisfied with a product, I modified it! 😜 I stippled and blended the front strap with a similar texture to the factory texture, sacrificed the small backstrap to cut up and fuse together with the medium backstrap, re-located the hole for the retaining pin, and then re-stippled it to create a longer one-off custom backstrap that gives the grip a similar feel and look as the grip of my beloved CZ P-07s. I also purchased another Primary Machine compensator for this Glock 19 to match the comp I put on the Gen1 CZ P-07. 😁

I will be using this new Glock 19 and the Gen1 CZ P-07 for concealed carry and at shooting matches over the next couple of months to see how they perform. Both guns utilize the same holster that I made to index on the Streamlight TLR-1. 

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