Monday, January 21, 2019

Outlaw 3-Gun Match 01/20/2019

Unfortunately, I accidentally left my competition belt with my holster and mag pouches at home for this 3-Gun match, and ended up having to compete with my concealed carry holster and used my back pockets for all my extra magazines. My shotgun shell caddies were in my range bag, so I was able to use those.  The first stage definitely had us all breathing hard by the end as there was a bit of a hike while shooting at shotgun targets and finally making our way to the rifle at the top of a small plateau.  All the other stages weren't too bad, but not having all my stuff in the right spots on my belt definitely got me flustered during each stage.  I feel like every 3-Gun match I go to, I get just a tiny bit better at using the rifle and the shotgun.  Hopefully I will continue to improve.

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