Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Time to start reloading my own ammo!

I recently acquired a used Dillon 550B progressive reloading press, and I just finished building my gunsmithing/reloading workbench. I'm still waiting on a few parts to come in for the Dillon, but I should be "rollin' my own" soon. :-)  I don't think this will save me any money because I plan on doing a lot of live fire practice now (previously my only live fire practice was at actual matches), but I'll be able to reduce the power level so that my shooting will hopefully be faster shot to shot.  I plan to start out with 9mm, and then will eventually load my own .40 S&W and .45 ACP once I get the hang of it. Let the fun begin! :-)

Update 08/28/2015: The reloading is going very well. I've already loaded 700 rounds of 9mm and have shot 200 of those rounds. The reduced recoil is definitely a nice advantage. I've already ordered the .40 S&W dies so that I can start reloading for USPSA's Limited Division.

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