Sunday, March 25, 2018

Outlaw 3-Gun Match 03/25/2018

Finally!  A 3-Gun match where my Franchi Affinity shotgun ran 100%!!!  So happy that it's running good now! 😁  I still need to get the optic on my rifle zero'd properly.  When I changed back to a fixed red dot from a 1x6 scope, I basically mounted it and quickly lined it up with the iron sights, so I know it's not where it needs to be for targets past 50 yards.  My lack of hits on far targets are 50% due to the optic not being properly zero'd and 50% due to me sucking! 😜 I did pretty good with my CZ-USA P-09 pistol though.  I ended up in 7th place overall out of 10 total, but I actually won the last stage (no rifle used on that stage). Definitely having more fun at 3-Gun matches.

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