Monday, March 26, 2018

CZ-USA CZ Shadow 2 Handgun Update

In February, I sent the slide of my CZ-USA CZ Shadow 2 to CZ Custom to have it milled for an optic, and I just got it back today which was much faster than I expected.  I also had them do some extra milling to the slide to lighten it up a little more, so that it would make the weight restriction of 45 ounces for the USPSA Carry Optics division rules.  To keep the gun under the weight limit, I'm using a Burris Fastfire 3 optic, thin G-10 grips from LOK Grips, Mecgar +2 magazine base pads, and special springs/followers from CZ Custom that give me 21 rounds in each magazine (reloadable with a closed slide).  I am VERY excited to run this gun in USPSA! 😎  My optic-equipped CZ P-09 will now be my dedicated IDPA Carry Optics gun.

I've also installed a 0.275" tall Dawson Precision front sight on my CZ Shadow 2. The front sight psuedo co-witnesses with the vertical white line on the back of the Burris Fastfire III optic as shown in the photo below on the left. This can effectively be used as a backup sight system out to 10-15 yards if the red dot ever fails for whatever reason. The photo on the right shows what it typically looks like when I'm shooting at targets. The front sight is also used as a reference point to help me find the dot much quicker when I bring the gun up during my draw or when the dot is not visible due to an awkward shooting position (prone, weak hand, etc.). I normally like a red fiber optic rod in my competition sights, but I am went with green in this one, because I want it to contrast with the red dot of the optic.

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