Sunday, April 8, 2018

IDPA Action Pistol Match 04/07/2018

I'm definitely not happy with my performance at this IDPA action pistol match.  It was very cold outside for the first 2 stages, so my hands weren't really cooperating with me.  I even dropped a mag during a tactical reload. Then after it warmed up, we had a stage with two 40 yard targets.  I had three misses on those two targets and my one hit was barely there.  I think my shots were hitting high at that distance, so I need to take the time to go see where all my current competition pistols hit at 50 yards.  The last two stages went well (I even won the last stage!), but my poor performance on the first two stages put me at 4th overall out of 11 total. 😕

CZ-USA CZ P-09 Urban Gray

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