Saturday, April 28, 2018

USPSA Action Pistol Match 04/28/2018

I was really excited to run my new CZ-USA Shadow 2 in USPSA's Carry Optics division for the first time.  This gun is absolutely the best competition handgun that I have ever owned.  The double action trigger pull is very smooth, the weight of the gun is great for recoil mitigation, and the ergonomics are perfect for me.  Adding an optic to the gun makes it even more fun, as I absolutely love the Carry Optics division.  I had a lot of new things going on at this match... a new grip technique that I've been practicing in dry fire, new Boombah Hellcat shoes to replace my worn out Salomons, new mag pouches in the bullets out configuration, and obviously a new gun.  Other than a stupid little brain fart on the second stage, I was happy with my performance. The last stage was a strong-hand/weak-hand classifier stage, which I usually have problems with because I don't live fire practice that at all anymore (I know... I should). However, I did fairly good on that particular stage (placed 3rd).  As usual, my focus for the match was more about accuracy than speed, but I still managed to place 5th out of 14 overall behind four Master or Grand Master shooters.  I am finding it difficult to put more priority on speed over accuracy at these once a month USPSA matches, because I shoot three IDPA matches each month and there is way more priority on accuracy in IDPA.  Oh well, there's nothing wrong with being the most accurate shooter at a match. 😛

CZ-USA CZ Shadow 2 with Burris Fastfire 3 optic

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