Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Adjusting My Handgun Grip Technique

I've been working on adjusting my grip lately in my dry fire sessions so that it is more consistent across all of the different platforms that I carry regularly and compete with (CZs, 1911s, and Glocks).  A few months ago, I started placing the index finger of my support hand on the front of the trigger guard. This is not a common technique, but my hands are so big that when I grip a 1911 my index finger naturally goes in front of the smaller trigger guard anyway. This technique actually allows my support hand to get higher up on the gun. I'm now trying to keep my support hand thumb off of the frame of the gun. While dry firing with several different guns back to back, I realized that the placement of my support hand thumb on the side of the frame was in a different spot depending on the gun I was holding, and it would actually touch the slide on my 1911s, which could potentially cause a malfunction. Keeping my thumb off the side of the frame eliminates any left-to-right pressure that may inadvertently affect accuracy, and it allows me to put more pressure on the side of the gun's grip with the palm of my support hand, which is a good thing. I just need to keep practicing this in dry fire so that it becomes subconscious muscle memory rather than a deliberate effort. 😜

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