Saturday, August 27, 2022

USPSA Action Pistol Match - 08/27/2022

What a great USPSA action pistol match at the Lead Farm in Lubbock, TX! I ran every stage without any mistakes, went 1-for-1 with all of the steel targets, received some applause after I finished two of the stages (not sure why), and even got 1st place on stage 4! 😀 I was shooting my Walther PDP compact that I recently modified by trimming three coils off of the recoil spring as I felt it was over-sprung from the factory, and I also ordered another large backstrap from Walther so that I could re-contour it to flatten out the bulbous hump and texture it to match the texture job I had already done at RFV Tactical. I also trimmed down the extra long slide stop/release levers so that I wouldn't accidentally activate them while shooting with my high grip and large hands. The gun shoots amazing for me now, and I am really happy with its performance at this match. As usual, I was the only person shooting the match with actual concealed carry gear, but I ended up in 5th place in the Carry Optics Division (19 total) and 9th place Overall (46 total).

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