Saturday, January 14, 2023

USPSA Action Pistol Match - 01/14/2023

USPSA match at the Lead Farm in Lubbock Texas. I was running my Zev Tech OZ9C again, and after some problems with it at previous matches, it is now running flawlessly!  I was finally able to figure out and resolve the light strike issue I was having with the gun. I discovered that the trigger bar's vertical extension was not fully depressing the firing pin block (see photo below). This may be because Zev inadvertently cut this too short at the factory or possibly the previous owner modified it (I bought the gun used), so I installed a used factory Glock Gen3 trigger bar temporarily to test it at this match and it ran great. I've since installed an Overwatch Precision TAC trigger as a permanent replacement, and will be running it a at a few more matches before rotating other guns back into my regular carry and competition usage.

Unfortunately, I made a careless mistake on stage 2 by letting a prop that we had to carry with us (fake cell phone) slide off the top of a barrel, which cost me a lot of time as I still had to pick it up and take it with me to the next shooting position. Despite my fumble, I still managed to come in 3rd place Overall out of 35 total. I can tell from reviewing video footage that I am shooting a lot faster than I have before as I have deliberately tried to break myself of over-aiming on close up targets. I pretty much just "point-shoot" with two quick shots for any target that is inside of 7 yards now (still kinda sorta aiming), but my hits are still acceptable for USPSA scoring.  It's still a work in progress! 👍

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